What we do

Our mission is to fight for the dogs of Puerto Rico, so they don’t have to.

The Sato Project has HUGE plans for the dogs of Puerto Rico. We are mainly working on Dead Dog Beach and in the Summer 2012, we also started working on another beach where we spotted tens of strays in very bad health condition. As our finances allow it, we will be rescuing them to rehabilitate them.

For The Sato Project, rescuing means more than just pulling a dog off a dangerous situation. We are completely vested in every rescue we have. We spend thousands of dollars every month to fully vet the dogs we rescue, vaccinate them, spay and neuter them, and fly them into forever homes outside the island. The reason why we don’t keep our rescues on the island is that the adoption rate is less than 1%. In PR Municipal shelters, the euthanasia rate is 99%. We know that stray dogs have little to no chance of survival on the island.  Since The Sato Project’s inception in November 2011, we have rehabilitated and adopted an average of 26 dogs per month in the US. That’s almost one life saved EVERY DAY.

We understand that flying dogs off the island does not solve the problem. That is why we have been working on spay/neuter initiatives, education programs, and we are meeting with PR officials and networking to make permanent change for the dogs of Puerto Rico. We dream of the day when there will be no more abandoned and abused animals on the island. With your help and all our generous donors, we can make this dream come true.

Impossible is nothing.


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