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Gaia was dumped on Dead Dog Beach a few days ago. Her story went viral. Read our President's open letter and keep spreading her story!
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The Sato Project is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused animals from Puerto Rico.

Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.

- Muhammad Ali

We officially started in November 2011. Our work in Puerto Rico began long before that.  The Founder and President of The Sato Project, Chrissy Beckles has been rescuing dogs in Puerto Rico since 2005. The Sato Project continues the amazing efforts started by Ginny Cornett and her group Manos Por Patas. They started operations on Dead Dog Beach in 2007. Ginny and Chrissy worked together for many years. Ginny worked tirelessly to help the dogs of Dead Dog Beach and when her health no longer allowed her to operate Manos Por Patas, Chrissy stepped in. Two years later Manos Por Patas closed and The Sato Project was born.

The Sato Project has HUGE plans for the dogs of Puerto Rico.  We encourage you to look at the various projects we operate and propose to start.


10 Responses

  1. Theresa
    Theresa at ·

    Best dog I ever had was a whippet that walked out of the swamp by the Naval Base in Puerto Rico. She lived 16 years. Was wonderful with children, sweet, FAST and protective. I miss her pretty, elegant face.

  2. Susan DAntilio
    Susan DAntilio at ·

    My pup is a Sato dog. Adopted him 8.25.12. Best dog I’ve ever known.,

  3. Jenn Poelstra
    Jenn Poelstra at ·

    I have a sato pooch and he’s the best thing I have ever had. Adoption went extremely easy and he’s already house trained and its been 2 months! Sherman is my little baby (1 years old) and I love to spoil him. Great companion to have being in college and working with athletes. He loves everyone and was skeptical of men but now loves to play rough with them and cuddle with the ladies. They weren’t joking when his profile said “ladies man”. He’s my angel.

  4. Wanda
    Wanda at ·

    We never had breed dogs growing up, we always had satos. They were by far the most loyal, brave and amazing dogs you could ever hope to have. Bandido one time stood between my little brother and a bull and fought and barked until my mom was able to get my bother to safety. Scrubbles walked with me every single day for my newspaper route and never left my side, always watching out and protecting me. When I moved to Wisconsin, I always said to my husband, I want a sato. My aunt had rescued a little satita, Paris, who gave birth to our precious Lola. She is the sweetest, gentlest most loving dog and we are truly Blessed to have her in our lives!

  5. Shirley Fennell
    Shirley Fennell at ·

    I would like to donate $6.00 for the 6 puppies you rescued tonight. I wold like to mail a check. Can you send me your mailing address? Thank you.

  6. Ko-Shin
    Ko-Shin at ·

    Chrissy Beckles is an incredible woman who deserves all your support, love, and appreciation. She helped rescue and bring my dog Bapuji into my life over 5 years ago. He is one of the loves of my life, a best friend, an angel in a fur coat, a bearer of unconditional love, laughter and adventures. he makes me get outside and take walks and play. He knows what it means to be a best friend always by my side and a snuggly little love. Thank you Chrissy for all you do – you will always have my support. These dogs are beyond special, and they know you saved them, but in the end it’ll be YOU who feel rescued and saved!

  7. Amy B
    Amy B at ·

    Just read about your group in my Fido Friendly magazine. Amazing. We visited PR last December and saw so many dogs needing help.

  8. lauren
    lauren at ·

    My dog, Bella is a wonderful SATO from The northeast animal shelter. I got her after my Aunt and Uncle got a Sato from there and fell in love with him. Bella is the light of my life. She is the sweetest, most loving and loyal dog. Thank you for all your help rescuing these animals.

  9. amaris
    amaris at ·

    i think what you are doing is great! Keep up with the great job god bless people like u guys.

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