What is a Sato?

‘Sato’ is Puerto Rican slang for street dog or mutt.  It is not a particularly endearing term and these dogs can be found ‘living’ on the streets, on beaches and under cars.  People view the large population of satos (estimated to be around 250,00 on an island the size of Connecticut) as a public menace and carriers of potential health hazards; because of this they are often the victims of horrific abuse.

The street or beach is a very hard life for a dog and the majority do not make it past their second birthday.  Nature seems to have sensed this and females are giving birth to increasingly large litters of puppies.

Satos are usually small dogs under 30lbs.  The majority have terrier in them so they tend to be incredibly smart and quick to learn.  Many have the instantly recognizable ‘sato’ ears; large ears that stick up and if these amazing little dogs ever get their own Disney movie then I am sure they would be able to fly.

We use the term ‘Sato’ for the name of our project, as it is instantly recognizable in Puerto Rico.  A major part of our mission is to permanently change public perception of these incredible dogs.  We believe they should become the National dog of Puerto Rico and treasured.  We continue to fight for them every day…

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