The Dead Dog Beach Project

Yes there is such a place and as its name states it is usually a last resting place for dogs and it is not a happy one. The dogs that die there usually die at the hand of man. Either by starvation, hacked by a machete, poisoned, deliberately run over with a car or ATV, used for gun or crossbow practice – the list of abuse is endless.

We are sorry to paint such a graphic picture. And the most horrific part is – that this beach exists in a commonwealth of the United States: Puerto Rico. A Tourist paradise that hides a horrific secret. There are approximately 250,000 stray dogs on the island – with only 5 shelters to care for them. The kill rate at these shelters is 99%. A dog is lucky to survive 48 hours if they are turned in to a shelter in Puerto Rico. Those who do not make it to a shelter face a far worse fate.

When Chrissy first started working on Dead Dog Beach almost 6 years ago, more than 300 dogs were ‘living’ there. That number is now down to 10. Unfortunately new dogs are dumped there every day. We are their ONLY source of food, fresh water and love and we give it on a daily basis.

The Dead Dog Beach Project aims to end the daily abuse and dumping of dogs on this beach. We have been endorsed by the Mayor of Yabucoa as the ‘Official Rescue Group’ of Dead Dog Beach. The Mayor has acknowledged our years of hard work and daily dedication which can be seen directly by the low number of dogs there currently. Signs have been placed in prominent view which state that the dogs on the beach are under the care of The Sato Project and animal abandonment and abuse is a Federal Offense and punishable to the fullest extent of the Law. The Sato Project is the ONLY rescue group that cares for the dogs of the beach on a daily basis.

The day that Dead Dog Beach is once again know by its official name, ‘Playa Lucia’, will mean victory for the dogs and for The Sato Project. We continue to fight every day for these beautiful angels of Puerto Rico.

We need YOUR help to run this project. Please donate what you can. $5 feeds a dog for a week; $500 gets them off the beach, fully vetted, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and ready to fly to the US to go into a home. Please donate whatever you can – The smallest amount makes a world of difference to a dog that has never known human kindness…


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  4. Lisa bernardez
    Lisa bernardez at · Reply

    I get your updates on FB daily and it is wonderful how many dogs you rescue,care for and transport to the states. I escorted 6 on our trip home from Puerto Rico

    I came to website to see if you also support spay and neutering. I have not found any info on this

    I hope there is a program there for this. To stop at the source of problem. It what you do is an easy way for people to be irresponsible and repeat behavior because you are here to rescue them

    Thanks for what you do

  5. cassie
    cassie at · Reply

    well said sato project! truly amazing what you do – THANK YOU!

  6. Ann Marie Korsak
    Ann Marie Korsak at · Reply

    I thank all of you for being true HEROS !!! I am in the process of rescuing a street dog from Aruba my eyes are open wide to the despair and need of help all street dogs and the HEROS of rescue need to save them !!! Let me know how I can help you!
    Blessing to all of us fighting a noble war!

  7. Shanon
    Shanon at · Reply

    Our family just adopted a sato. He was in the Monmouth county ASPCA, along with 2 litter mates. He is 16 weeks old. Extremely smart, adorable, and very very affectionate. We have had him only 3 days and already sits and stays on command. He loves my 4 children and follows my Border Collie around like a little brother. We’re so happy we could give him the home he deserves. My husband is and avid surfer, so we decided to name him after a surf break in Puerto Rico called Indicators. We call him “Indie” and he is so very loved already. I hope you are able to find homes for all of them. I could not even imagine leaving a dog on the beach to die. What kind of human being does that? Thank you so much for caring for these amazing dogs. Keep up your amazing work!

  8. Arlene
    Arlene at · Reply

    I found my Dusty’s picture on this page!! We just adopted him from Kent Animal Shelter this weekend and are in love w/him. Thank you so much for saving him and for saving the many others. You are truly making a difference. Dusty is now home with my husband and I and two children. He’s happy and healthy. He loves to play w/his toys and run around the yard w/my 13 year old son. Thank you for all that you do.

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