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*** Calendar 2014 ***
Spend the year 2014 with our Satos and see the daily challenges and work our PR team faces to get our doggies to safety and loving homes. Order online here.
28 pages, 16 original photographs, 11×14″.
$30 (+Shipping), after Dec. 31st the calendar will be $35 + shipping.


*** Foster/Adoption Behavior Protocol ***

Are you fostering or adopting a dog? We created this guide containing great tips from Dog Boy, our trainer partner in NYC. Including exclusive portraits of our Satos (photographed by Sophie Gamand), this hands-on guide is a must have for all dog owners. Price: $10.00 + shipment or $5.00 for a digital version (proceeds will go to The Sato Project). Click here to preview and purchase online.


*** Satos of Dead Dog Beach, eBook ***

Sophie Gamand has published an electronic Book (available for iPhones and iPads only) dedicated to the Satos of Dead Dog Beach. Portraits on the beach, and portraits in her studio show the beauty of our angels. Discover the stories of Lucky, Macy, Cha Cha, and many more. A few videos and sounds make this enhanced eBook a must have for all Sato Project supporters! Proceeds will go to The Sato Project. Price: $4.99. 102 pages. Nearly 60 color photographs. In English and French.

Check a 30 pages preview here.
Click here to purchase online.


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