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All our rescues are primarily vetted by the Candelero Animal Hospital in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Bianca Aguirres and her wonderful team of dedicated girls work magic on our doggies. They take care of them, socialize them, and pour unlimited love over them.

This page is dedicated to them. They all share with us a few words about their favorite Sato Project rescue!

Sarai Cruz Negrón

I’m an undergraduate biology student in UPR in Humacao with aspirations to continue studies as a veterinary technician. I began working at Candelero Animal Hospital as a volunteer 6yrs ago. Slowly, gained experience in all aspects of the clinic from reception, handling animals, client orientation, animal care, ect.  I feel personal gratification knowing that I can help improve pet-owner relations.  However, nothing is as satisfying as taking an animal in the worst possible health conditions and nursing it back to health so that they can later go on to a forever home! My favorite TSP rescue was named after me. Sari was the only survivor of a litter of 7. The litter was lost to a terrible disease known as Distemper. I hand fed Sari and raised her until she finally found that special home.  She will forever be in my heart.

Sheillie Gómez Díaz

I am an undergraduate student with aspirations to continue studies in law with specialty in criminology. A friend recommended me to Dr. Brito to fill the position of receptionist. I was my first job experience. I observed that the clinic was understaffed and decided to start helping out with the care of the animals both boarding and hospitalized. Slowly I got more and more involved in all aspects of the animal’s health. Though my professional aspirations have not changed, it has been a very gratifying experience. One that has moved and changed my life dramatically.  My favorite TSP rescue has been Luna Pinta. When she arrived she was so scared that she saw everyone as a threat, still she allowed me to come close. Though her treatment has been slow and she is still not ready to be placed in a forever home, she is lovable and sweet. Her attitude has changed so much for the better. We let her free in the clinic with us and lives as if she were our own. Hopefully, though, she will get a chance to find her forever home soon and get the family she truly deserves.  For the time being, WE are her family.

Enid Ortiz Delgado

In 2010 the local government laid off 30 thousand government employees as a result of an economic recession.  I began applying for jobs and got the opportunity to work the reception area of Candelero Animal Hospital. It has been a challenge for me as I had little experience in the veterinary medical field. Yet I learned along the way. It has been a moving experience full of challenges and personal growth.  My favorite TSP rescue was Jay. He was very charismatic and lively. When he was initially adopted the new owners did so believing he was going to be a large German Shepherd mix.  Unfortunately, that adoption fell thru since Jay was never going to be as big as a German Shepherd’s paw!  Still he was able to find a forever home where they love his large heart in a small package.

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  1. Haydeeliz
    Haydeeliz at · Reply

    It’s wonderful to know that there are people making the best they can to help animals… and it’s even more amazing to know that my cousin, Sarai Cruz, is part of something so beautiful. I’m so proud of you little girl and I know you’ll acomplish all your goals. Good job everybody!

  2. Terry Downey
    Terry Downey at · Reply

    We were recently in Isabella Puerto Rico and the street dog issue there was very depressing. Mother dogs full of milk but no puppies. I wonder what happened to the pups. Dogs in heat, dogs not accepted in to the pack with torn ears. Many with bad hind legs. For sure from being hit by a car. Nobody cares and nobody slows down when the dogs are in the street. Because of this, we have no desire to go back to Puerto Rico. Somebody needs to go to Isabella and take a look. If we didn’t already have 3 dogs and a cat, I would consider adopting. I would like to donate but not sure where the money would go. There have to be some vets in the area that would at least donate there services to spay and neuter these animals so they wouldn’t keep breeding. Very upsetting and depressing.

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