Help us find Pirata’s forever ship!

Pirata is a miracle dog. He was found hit by a car in Puerto Rico. His diaphragm had ruptured and all his organs were mixed up. Bianca, our vet, performed an amazing 2 hours surgery on his tiny body, to place everything back. Not even a week later, this miracle dog was hoping around like nothing had happened!

Pirata is doing fantastic, and he is now being fostered in Long Island where he awaits his forever home. His foster mom says: “he is lovable and loving, a real mush!! He likes to snuggle. He likes to take walks and gets along well with everybody. He is totally adorable!!”

Pirata is great with dogs, fine with cats, almost housetrained – a good combination of playful and calm.  12 lbs, about 5 yrs old. His name comes from the fact that when we found him, someone had pierced his ears and placed a ring in it.