Help for Hope!

Help for Hope!

— Update! Hope’s surgery happened and went very well! We will add more info soon, stay tuned on our Facebook for more updates and cute videos of Hope post-surgery. Thank you to all of you who donated and supported our little princess! (April 2013) —


Hope was rescued as a 6lb puppy from Dead Dog Beach.  Hope and her sister Charity were dumped there.  If this was not bad enough Hope had horrific injuries.  Her tiny body had been crushed.  Hope had two dislocated hips, a fractured pelvis and a perforated bladder.  Bianca had to perform emergency surgery on Hope, which saved her life.

Hope came back to New York with me 3 weeks ago to complete her rehabilitation.  Hope has been working so hard and has been training alongside me like a champion.  She has gained almost 4lbs in weight – Bobby has been making her scrambled eggs and salmon, filet mignon, chicken and rice – Hope eats three times a day.  Now she is ready for the next stage of her rehabilitation.

Our Brooklyn Vet, Dr Thomas LoBasso, owner of the Cobble Hill Animal Clinic in Brooklyn has been caring for Hope since she came to NY.  We had Dr LoBasso take some x-rays to see how her legs were doing.  The x-rays showed that Hope is going to require some more surgery if she is to be able to continue to use her back legs.  The surgery is a bilateral Femoral head ostectomy.  Hope may also require a surgical plate on her pelvis to strengthen where it was fractured.  It is pretty straightforward surgery but usually not all performed at once.  Dr LoBasso has found an Orthopedic Surgeon who is willing to help Hope, can perform the surgery as one complete operation and would like to do it as soon as possible.

Hope will also require a wheelchair or cart whilst she recovers.  Obviously this is a huge hurdle for her but we are going to do whatever is necessary to let our special girl live a long, active, pain-free life.

The Sato Project will get a huge discount on her operation but it is still going to cost around $6,500.  So I am asking, actually I am begging for your help to get Hope the surgery that she needs.

Dr LoBasso told me that Hope is a miracle.  He actually said, and I quote verbatim:

This dog should be named Miracle not Hope‘.

He could not even fathom how she is walking, let alone running or playing with her legs in the condition they are.  Yet Hope is such a happy girl.  She loves life.  Hope loves to play with her foster sister Boom Boom and annoy her foster brother Basher.  Hope is cheeky and funny. This little dog that has been through so much already in her short life deserves the best.  We want Hope to have the greatest life possible.

Please help us help Hope.

Check this video that Sophie put together, to see our little angel fighting the biggest fight of her life. We will not let her down.

UPDATE! 4/3/13 Hope will be having her surgery tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who donated and shared this post. Your generosity is overwhelming. Hope’s surgeon, Dr Jennifer Huck of Blue Pearl Vet met her today (and fell a little bit in love!). Hope will have both of her legs operated on at once. It’s a hard operation for a little pup but we know that Hope is in excellent hands and she will continue to fight like a champ! Stay tuned for updates tomorrow….

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