Heart worm Preventative – The Teddy Fund

After we lost one of our rescues, Teddy, to Heart worm, we decided to launch The Teddy Fund, to help us prevent the disease and cure our rescues who are Heart worm positive.  The Sato Project is facing 3 big enemies in its fight for the dogs of Puerto Rico:

1. Heart worm disease
2. Distemper
3. Pregnancies, and various STDs including TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumor)

All of these diseases and conditions can be prevented by responsible pet ownership.  Spay or Neuter, vaccination schedules and regular preventative treatment are essential if we want to eradicate these issues on the island.  The day we don’t have to fight these anymore will be a great step for the dogs of Puerto Rico, and The Sato Project.

Heart worm is a horrific disease that is very easy to prevent.  It’s a $10 per month tablet – $120 a year (even cheaper if you use a generic tablet) and your dog will never have to have the equivalent of arsenic injected into their back to kill the worms that are slowly suffocating them by putting intense strain on their pulmonary system.  Sound horrific?  Yes it is.  And the treatment is worse – a dog receiving Immiticide injections for heartworm must be cage rested – for at least a month.  All because the dog wasn’t given a $10 a month tablet.  Treatment is also very expensive – The Sato Project is spending thousands of dollars on heartworm positive dogs every month.  They represent 70% of our rescues.

Our sweet Teddy died on August 28th, 2012.  The treatment for her advanced Heart worm had proved too much for her little body.  Teddy will never have the home and the family that she really deserved.  Teddy will never have the chance to run free in the grass and play.

So please if you have a dog we are begging you to keep him/her on Heart worm preventative YEAR ROUND – remember it only takes ONE mosquito bite to cause Heart worm.

In memory of Teddy, we invite you to donate money to our Teddy Fund, to treat our Heart worm positive rescues and buy preventative medication – click on this button:

or donate a box of preventative Heart worm medication by purchasing an extra box when ordering the treatment for your own dog (Heart worm preventative medication can only be purchased with a vet’s prescription) and send the box to our vet in Puerto Rico: Bianca Aguirre-Hernandez, PO Box 1304, Caguas, PR 00726.