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My name is Chrissy Beckles and I am fighting so these dogs do not have to. And I mean that literally not figuratively. I am a champion Amateur Boxer who fights to make a difference for these pups. I first visited Puerto Rico with my Husband, who is a Stuntman and was filming on the island over eight years ago. We love dogs and were horrified at what we encountered. It is hard to visit a beach without seeing its residents; usually very cute pups who sometimes chew rocks because they are so hungry. It broke our hearts. We are Brits who now live and work in New York. I researched the ‘net and found a couple of rescue groups working in PR and began volunteering and donating to them. We adopted our second ‘fur child’ from a horrific situation in the Arecibo shelter in 2008.

I have been rescuing full time in Puerto Rico since 2009 and launched The Sato Project in November 2011.

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  1. Kathi Moran
    Kathi Moran at · Reply

    My husband and I chaperoned a teen volunteer trip in March 2009. Within an hour of arriving at our destination, the teens found a very sick puppy. We found a vet (the amazing Dr. Jorge Delgado in Fajardo) and he took her in and at a nominal fee, provided amazing medical and boarding care for her until we were ready to leave the island (6 days). She travelled as my carry-on luggage and the flight attendants on AA were wonderful! Our intent was to be her foster family (we had fostered 20+ puppies and dogs for an area rescue group) until she was well enough for adoption. 2 months later, on Mother’s Day, she officially joined our family. When we’re at the dog park, and people ask her breed, we always reply “Puerto Rican Princessa” ~ she is quite beautiful and has acclimated to the suburbs of Chicago very well. Our youngest and smallest dog at 65 pounds and 4 years old (“brothers” are 12 year old 95 lb. bulldog/lab cross & 10 year old 120 lb. coonhound mix) she is the love of the whole family. I’m so glad that your dogs were featured on “Puppy Bowl” or we might not have discovered your organization. I am taking my ipad to the SuperBowl party to share your website and as a group figure out how we can help. Thank you for what you do!

  2. Autumn Gray
    Autumn Gray at · Reply

    I have a SATO that I rescued from a shelter in MA. We love her and she has so much personality and is very well behaved. I would like to learn more about to start an organization like this as I visited St. Lucia a few months ago and there are stray dogs everywhere. St. Lucia doesn’t have a shelter or humane society for homeless animals. Thank you for all that you do.

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