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Updated: July 22, 2014  

It’s easy to adopt!

A little face has stolen your heart. The first thing to do is contact us by phone or email and let us know which angel you are interested in adopting. We do have a mandatory adoption application that EVERY potential adopter must complete. Please fill out our adoption application or contact Meryl Alexander - adoption@thesatoproject.com.

Once we have approved you for adoption then we can begin the logistics of getting your new family member to you. So check our available dogs now or follow our Facebook/Twitter pages to get the latest news on our rescues, and meet your new best friend soon!

The dogs are located either in Puerto Rico (while they undergo their vetting before flying to the US), in Foster care in the US (New York, New Jersey mostly) or in Boston in our beautiful sanctuary. If you fall in love but the dog is in another city, don’t hesitate to inquire about him/her because we will do everything we can to unite our doggies with their families.




——– Patriot (M) ————–

Name: Patriot
Age: 1 year
Weight: 45lbs
Location: Boston 

Patriot – Meet Patriot! Rescued off Dead Dog Beach by Chrissy the day after Alice. Patriot is just a happy go lucky boy. He was heart worm positive when we rescued him and has now been treated.
Patriot has a mild temperament, meaning he doesn’t go all goofy when he meets you for the first time. He walks really great on leash, has learned to sit when asked, and basically he just wants to chill and kick back with a buddy. So far this Patriot deserves a medal for his great manners. Stay tuned as we update his profile.
For more info. please reach out to us at adoption@thesatoproject.com and we will be glad to forward you a short visit form! We will be having meet and greets Friday , Saturday and Sunday 1-4. Don’t miss out on this amazing one!

——– Gem (F) ————–

Name: Gem
Age: 1 year
Weight: lbs
Location: Boston 

Meet Gem! Gem was found wandering the streets extremely emaciated and pregnant. Gem was also heart worm positive. Gem gave birth to 8 puppies. We lost 2 to parvo and had to hand rear the runt of her litter, Thumbelina. Gem was a good Mummy to her babies. Gem is a very active dog who was treated for her heart worm and then also went to school with our Trainer, Jaime. Gem would make an excellent agility or search and rescue dog. She is focused on people and would do great with someone who understands the personality of a working dog. She’s gorgeous and built for an active lifestyle. Give her that, and you’ve got yourself a gem of a dog!
For more info. please reach out to us at adoption@thesatoproject.com and we will be glad to forward you a short visit form!


——– Romeo Montague (M) ————–

Name: Romeo Montague
Age: 2  years
Weight: 17lbs
Location: Boston 

Romeo Montague - Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo.. wipe the worry off your sweet face. Dead Dog Beach is in your past and New England is now in your future. This sweet little boy was rescued just in time and lovingly nurtured back to health. He’s never known a kind hand until The Sato Project came into his life. Now he’s ready for someone to adopt him and show him that love does exist for him. Check back in as Romeo begins his new chapter at The Sato Project Sanctuary where we’ll get to know him and have him pose for many more photos. I bet he’s a ham at heart.

Bienvenido  Romeo!
Our meet and greets are Friday 1-4, Saturday 12-3 and Sunday 12-3. We are also happy to set up a private appointment should weekends not work out for you!

——– Juliet Jolie (F) ————–

Name: Juliet Jolie
Age: 2 years
Weight: 23 lbs
Location: Boston 

Juliet Jolie - 

Oh sweet Juliet. How you melted our hearts with your beautiful eyes. Who could possibly have abandoned you on Dead Dog Beach! No more worries . You are now on your way to a fairy tale ending. Juliet is a young 2 yr. old Shepherd mix, with a little hound and a sprinkle of miniature pincher which would explain her petite stature. A multicultural beauty! Still searching for her confidence, Juliet is blossoming more and more with each new day she’s with us.
Available at the Sato Project Sanctuary in Dedham, MA. Please check back as we update her profile.
Bienvenido bonita Juliet!
Our meet and greets are Friday 1-4, Saturday 12-3 and Sunday 12-3. We are also happy to set up a private appointment should weekends not work out for you!

———-  Zeus (M) ——–—–—–-


Name: Zeus
Age: 5 years
Weight: 50lbs
Location: Boston 

Zeus - was our resident ‘King of the Beach’ who looked after his pack very well.  He is a very friendly lab mix.  Unfortunately Zeus has cancer.  He has undergone treatment in Puerto Rico and we are moving him to our sanctuary in Boston to continue his chemo.  At this time we are still unsure as to Zeus’s prognosis.  What we do know is that this regal boy will not die without having experienced grass beneath his feet and the love of many of our volunteers at our Boston sanctuary.  We would love to find Zeus a foster home so he can be part of a family whilst he continues his treatments.

———-  Becky (F) ——–—–—–-

Name: Becky
Age: 3 years
Weight: 25 lbs
Location: Boston 

Becky -  is incredibly bonded to Zeus.  We jokingly call them Man and Wife.  Becky is very, very shy and we have been working hard to gain her trust.  Becky is going to need an experienced family with a lot of patience.  In an ideal world Becky would be placed with the love of her life, Zeus.




(foster care)


——– Sophie (F) ————–


Name: Sophie
Age: 1 year
Weight: 18lbs
Location: Connecticut

Sophie – sheltie mix who is about a year old and 18 lbs. Sophie is fully housebroken. She’s crate trained. Does not tug or pull on the leash, she walks right next to you. She is timid at first but warms up quickly. She is the most loving cuddly dog. Loves to sit on a lap or be held and petted, but also plays with toys and will joyfully run around the family room. Sophie is being fostered in Connecticut and her foster mom loves her and so does the foster mom’s dog.

——– Rondell (M) ————–


Name: Rondell
Age: 1 year
Weight: 13lbs
Location: New York

Rondell – he is a sheltie/terrier mix who is a great little dog.  Rondell is about a year old and 13 lbs.  He is a great combination between playful and calm.  He is great with people and is being fostered with two other dogs and is great with them as well.  Rondell walks well on a leash and is housetrained.  Rondell like to play but is also happy relaxing on the couch.


——– Coral (F) ————–


Name: Coral
Age: 10 months
Weight: 30lbs
Location: New York City

Coral – she is a lab mix who has the most soulful sweet looking face.  Coral is about 10 months old and 30 lbs.  She loves everyone she meets and is being fostered with 2 other dogs and is great with them.  Coral loves to play and then loves to snuggle up on the couch.  Coral also walks well on a leash.  Coral is being fostered in NY City.

——– Enzo (M) ————–


Name: Enzo
Age: 1 year
Weight: 17lbs
Location: New York

Enzo – he is a sheltie mix who is beyond sweet and playful.  Enzo loves everybody and every dog he meets.  He loves to play with everyone and then when he is tired snuggles up with you.  Enzo is about a year old, 17 lbs, housetrained and walks well on a leash.  He is being fostered in NY City and his foster family has 2 dogs who he is great with.  If they didn’t have 2 dogs already they would adopt him but they do so Enzo is available for adoption.


——– Katniss (F) ————–


Name: Katniss
Age: 1 year
Weight: 12lbs
Location: New York

Katniss – she is a terrier/chihuaha mix with the best ears :)).  She is about a year old and 10 lbs.  Katniss is very good with other dogs but she is shy with new people – not aggressive at all.  Once she knows she is safe she will snuggle in your lap all day.  She is also learning to play with toys.  Katniss would do well in a home that is on the calmer side.  She is being fostered in Long Island and her foster family absolutely loves and adores her.


——– Ralph (M) ————–


Name: Ralph
Age: 2 years
Weight: 30lbs
Location: New York

Ralph – he is an amazing 2 year old pointer/terrier mix.  He is 30 lbs. full grown.  Ralph walks well on a leash, is housetrained, loves to be outside, is great with dogs and loves all people.  He is being foster in Long Island, New York.  His foster mom will drive him to the right family anywhere in the tri state area.  He is neutered, fully vetted and vaccinated and microchipped.  


——– Lori (F) ————–


Name: Lori
Age: 1 year
Weight: 30lbs
Location: New Jersey

Lori – 1 year old, 30 lb. full grown lab mix.  Lori is being fostered in New Jersey and her foster family thinks she is a wonderful dog.  Lori is great with their dog and their young children.  She walks well on a leash.  She has a good energy and is extremely sweet and loves to cuddle too.  She is spayed, fully vetted and vaccinated and microchipped.  

——– Riley (F) ————–


Name: Riley
Age: 1.5 years
Location: Wisconsin

Hi! my name is Riley and I am looking for a loving, forever home. I was rescued from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico when she was a very young puppy. I overcame incredible odds by fighting off a horrific leg infection as well as a very serious skin condition. I was given a clean bill of health and am currently being fostered in Kenosha, Wisconsin. My foster family absolutely loves and adores me. They say I am a very sweet and loving girl who loves to play and to cuddle. I am also extremely intelligent, eager to please and learn quickly :)). I would do best in a home where I am the only dog so I can give you 100% of my attention and kisses :)).  I know basic commands, am housetrained and crated trained.  I am a Labrador Retriever mix and am about 1.5 years old, 38 lbs. full grown, spayed, fully vetted and microchipped.  If you are interested in meeting me please email meryl@thesatoproject.com.  


———- Marshall (M) ——–—–—–—–

Name: Marshall
Age: 1-2 year (young adult)
Weight: 50 – 55  lbs
Location: Bloomfield, New Jersey

Marshall is a cartoon dog!  He looks like he should be in the movies with his big goofy smile and freckles.  Marshall loves nothing more than to sit next to you (or in your lap!).  He is being fostered in Bloomfield, New Jersey and his foster parents absolutely love him.  They say he is a great, snuggly dog who seems to be good with other dogs.



PUERTO RICO (traveling soon)


———- Fleur (F) ——–—–—–-

Name: Fleur
Age: 2 years
Weight: 62 lbs
Location: Puerto Rico

Fleur is a gorgeous 62 lbs female, brindled pitbull who was dumped on Dead Dog Beach starving.  When we rescued her she had dreadful scarring on her chest, and tightly cropped ears, which suggests she was used as bait dog in dog fighting. Fleur is fully vetted, vaccinated and is spayed and microchipped. She just completed an intensive professional training camp and received her diploma of Canine Good Citizen. Fleur loves people and kids and loves to snuggle.

19 Responses

  1. Nancy Poelstra
    Nancy Poelstra at · Reply

    My daughter Jennifer adopted Sherman from the Sato Project 2 weeks ago. Sherman is the most loveable dog. We were amazed at how quickly he adapted to life in Michigan, to other dogs, and is a great pet in general. He will live like a king with my daughter. If you are thinking about donating to this organization or better yet adopting I would highly recommend them.

  2. Tory
    Tory at · Reply

    I’m in love with the ewok puppies! They are too cute!!!! I’ve just learned of you guys from reading about the puppy bowl, great work!

  3. Tee
    Tee at · Reply

    I have been trying to set up a rescue team in the town of Las Piedras, there is great need but I am requesting help on how to start a campaign on how to stop mis-treating these poor babies. Can you please contact me.

  4. Mary Ann Olsen
    Mary Ann Olsen at · Reply

    I am happy when I see any of the dogs doing better but I am especially happy about Hope and little Prince. I am so happy these little angels are improving and learning what kindness is. Thank you, Thank you. Mary Ann

  5. Abby
    Abby at · Reply

    Have you guys ever thought of trying to expand? The Portland area of Oregon is the #1 dog friendly city, and there are many fosters/rescues willing to partner with anyone who has Animals needing help.

  6. Alice
    Alice at · Reply

    Scott and Michael Angelo look so much like our Sato Lola (Jeni), they really are special, and a breed of their own. Very smart pups too. Thank you for all that you do.

  7. Regine
    Regine at · Reply

    Unfortunately right now I have a dog that is dog reactive and doesn’t do all that well with other dogs in the house. But I have already decided that when the time comes for another dog, I will definitely check out the Sato Project :-)

  8. Bernard Corr
    Bernard Corr at · Reply

    I recently adopted Luna from the Monmouth (NJ) SPCA through the SATO project. She is full of love & affection and has become a welcomed addition to our family. THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication to these dogs,

  9. Ardes
    Ardes at · Reply

    I met James at Broadway Barks in NYC today and fell madly in love!!! I think you are an awe inspiring organization and will be spreading the word about the terific work you are doing in PR!!!!

  10. Johanna
    Johanna at · Reply

    Your project is admirable!!
    I just moved back from the Dominican Republic after having lived there for almost six years. I moved into an apartment w/ my sister and we’ve been thinking of adopting a pet! After all, a home is not a home without one! Your cause seems so noble and I’d very much like to know the process (and costs) of possibly adopting one of your available dogs. My sister took a liking to Soleil, as did I. I also like Jasper, Mary Kate and James!
    Is there anyway someone could get in touch w/ me through e-mail, or even here, to discuss it??

  11. Anne
    Anne at · Reply

    Johanna, email Meryl at meryl@thesatoproject.com for an adoption application. I’m sure she can answer your questions.

  12. Betty Arce
    Betty Arce at · Reply

    I just lost my dog of 13 years – Sasha, and I am heartbroken. It has also left my home dogless for the first time in over 25 years. While I am not yet ready to adopt another dog, I will continue to visit this site, and hopefully in a few months when my heart has healed, I will be ready to open up my heart and home to a new dog. I continue to support the Sato Project through my monthly donations and encourage all my family and friends to adopt, not shop, and well as contribute financially to this worthy cause.
    Much love to the wonderful and dedicated staff

  13. Nilsa I Martinez
    Nilsa I Martinez at · Reply

    I will do my best to donate often to your organization. You are doing such great work in Puerto Rico. Thank you so much!

  14. George
    George at · Reply

    Our family adopted Bandito (now named Max) back in May of 2013. A beautiful brindle mix, he has turned out to be one of the smartest and devoted dogs. He is a perfect companion for our 3 year rescue dog DeDe. I am telling everyone to adopt a Sato.

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