Adoption procedure

It’s easy to adopt!

A little face has stolen your heart. The first thing to do is contact us by phone or email and let us know which angel you are interested in adopting. We do have a mandatory adoption application that EVERY potential adopter must complete. Download here and fill out our adoption application. Please send the adoption application to our adoption coordinator, Meryl Alexander (

Once we have approved you for adoption then we can begin the logistics of getting your new family member to you. So check our available dogs now or follow our Facebook/Twitter pages to get the latest news on our rescues, and meet your new best friend soon!



I would like to thank The Sato Project for the work they do in saving the lives of these precious pups.  Thanks to Chrissy, Meryl, Kari, Dave and Sherrie for saving my guys and making me smile.  When I sit on the couch and my 3 dogs all jump up and lay belly up with their tails wagging my heart soars.  It was so simple to bring them home.  All I had to do was fall in love and they did the rest“. (from Barbara, adopted Chiquita and Toby)

My family and I had been visiting shelters all over Long Island looking for a new addition to our family. (…) We were becoming disheartened; finding dogs that we could learn to love, but they didn’t get along with other dogs or children because of growing up in shelters. I stumbled upon The Sato Project on the internet and Saw Izzy’s face. Her foster family immediately invited us in to meet her and it was love at first sight. Meryl, our adoption liaison, made the process so easy, supporting us through every step of the way. What a wonderful, caring group of people that bring these dogs to their “furever homes”. I can’t thank them enough!” (from Dawn, adopted Izzy/Beauty)

KUDOS to SATO! (…) Our family couldn’t be more grateful for our COCOA (formerly k/a Cupid!). (…) The adoption process was quick, and simple. Meryl, our adoption coordinator was a pleasure to deal with. Meryl was patient and thorough. Also, Meryl was extremely diligent, responsive, attentive, knowledgeable, kind, and courteous. Just as promised, after our application was processed, we were promptly called with the good news. We were approved! HOORAY! Naturally, once approved, I was eager to receive our new baby girl! Again, the communication was continuous, and informative. We were kept abreast of everything relating to Cocoa—including when she would be arriving at Newark Airport. It wasn’t long before we had our family complete and she was in our home. I truly cannot speak enough about how wonderful SATO is as well as the adoption coordinator, Meryl. The entire experience was positive and memorable”. (Laura R, 6/10/12)


Q: What is your adoption fee?
A: Our adoption fees range from $350-$500.  All of our dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered and microchipped.

Q: I saw one of your dogs and fell in LOVE!! I want it NOW. What should I do?
A: The first thing any potential adopter has to do is fill out our adoption application. We are very serious about our procedure. We want to make sure our pups will get the perfect home for them. So download the form, and send it to Meryl, or get in touch with her directly. Once your application is approved, we will work (fast) to get your new friend to you.

Q: I haven’t found a particular dog I want to adopt yet, but I want to adopt one from you one day. Is it worth filling your application out now, or should I wait until I see the perfect dog?
A: Fill it out now! No need to wait. We will do all our background checks as soon as we can. That way, as soon as you see a dog you want to consider, things will move much faster.

Q: Can you transport a dog to where I live?
A: We cover the costs to fly dogs to NY/NJ or if there is a flight to another state that is of equal cost.  Otherwise the adopters would be responsible for the additional cost and the cost of the crate.

Q: Can you cat test your dogs?
A: Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources for that. But a lot of our foster homes have cats, so we usually are able to get an idea on how good the dog is with cats.

Q: I saw you had a lot of puppies from the same litters. I was wondering if it was possible to adopt siblings, or if they are too much work.
A: We often have siblings, as puppies are often left on the beach by litters. Recently, we had Bobby and Bianca, two adorable puppies, adopted by one same family. This is what Lisa, their new mom, wrote to us: “You need to tell people who are considering getting just one siblings: there is no more wonderful an experience than getting two sibling dogs who have always been together.  They are no more trouble than just one and the enormous pleasure both you and the puppies get from having the two is incredible.  They puppies have a 24/7 playmate, companion, buddy and  security blanket and the owners have a world of fun watching, interacting, playing and loving two very special soul mates“.

Q: What is your policy about returning dogs?
A: In our Adoption Contract it states that any dog adopted from The Sato Project MUST be returned to us and not placed with another family or shelter without prior consent from us. Our policy is we will always take a dog back even if it is not for a good reason and regardless of how long ago the dog was adopted from us.

Q: Can you inform me on the personality of the dogs?
A: We can provide information on the dog/pups personality as we know it at the current time; however once they arrive from Puerto Rico, as with all dogs, their personality can change once they are in a different environmentIf they are being fostered, we get more information from the foster family. But the Sato Project cannot make any guarantees about how the dog/pup will behave once they arrive in their new home. To help you transition your dog into your home, we are happy to put you in touch with dog trainers we work with.

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    Christine Hayes at · Reply

    We adopted a SATO pup in May from the ASPCA in NJ. We love him so much we want to get another! We are very interested in Jade. Please let us know if she is still available. Thank you..the Hayes Family.

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